Partytime as we remember the 60's at our Woodstock party.

 We had now been joined by Knut Myhrvold, from Norway, a brilliant lead guitarist. He has brought an extra dimension into our line-up, so be prepared for some musical surprises!

Huw Jones has played on keyboards in various bands in the UK, notably a Dire Straits tribute band and plays keyboards and acoustic guitar.

Ian Robinson sang and played in a guitar duo in the 70's and is our lead singer, mouthorganist and kazooer!

Bob Miles played in many pop/rock bands in the 70's and plays bass guitar.

Roger Drew played in a folk group called the Coachmen in the 60's and plays acoustic 6 and 12 string guitar and banjo.

John Down played with a successful touring band in the 70's and plays acoustic guitar and percussion.

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